Back in Action in the Welding Scene

Welded Piece of Metal

Hello there! Our friend Botao has been working on his welding skills and would like to share his thoughts. He’s been welding for 2 years. Right now he is doing it for practice after the summer break.


To begin the process, you must clean all surfaces that are being heated to molten degree temps. This is done through sanding and once the un-wanted material is deleted. Botao can now get to work. 


Each weld needs to have a regulated source to not overcook it, and not undercook resulting in a weak structure where the metal doesn’t stick. 

The Results

The things that we can improve relies on our control. Not only was the joint (in between the plates), not straight, there was too much shaking to meet standards. A apt control over the heat is key. As mentioned above, you cannot have a brittle piece of metal. 

What already improved from making this weld was using the flat plate. Not only that, welding circular tubes have become more possible which is crucial for this club. This Botao’s first step to working on the buggy and directly contribute to the club. 

Final Remarks

We appreciate you reading this. Stay tuned for the design process from two of our execs involved in manufacturing the buggy. 

Weld Made by Member

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