Top 5 Achievements from Orientation Week

Club Reorganizing Inventory
Figure 1 - Club Members Reoganizing their Tools.

Our recent meeting was fantastic. We covered multiple areas in involving our 1 years and improving our workspace for the upcoming competition in California. 

It was like a bee hive seeing our team work in unison, discussing and listening to each others ideas, and most importantly, doing!

1. Relocating the Buggy

Figure 2 - Previous Team moving the Buggy on Campus.

Last year, our car took up the majority of the space in the middle. While still being under construction, it was the centre piece of our workshop where our brilliant engineers work tireless solving or optimizing solutions.

The car is now in the corner of our workshop on rolling platforms for greater accessibility when working directly on it. The following demonstrates that:

Members Enjoying the buggy
Figure 3 - 46 Parked in it's Spot.

2. Allocating Equipment

Two Club Members Working on Clearing Old Tools
Figure 4 - Two Club Members Working on Clearing Old Tools.

This clubs takes their organizing seriously, improving the tools to prevent failure and their minds. On our meeting, we’ve gone through our tool boxes to cut through the fat at remove whats unneeded. Some things were old and used, so they were safely taken care of. 

Our work stations are moved to a different area for giving room to the buggy. This does make it easier for the club members with a closer distance to the tool rack and exit.

Heres more pictures on each members work! Each led by Stefano and Sawyer, has executed their tasks to ensure high quality results in the workshop. 

3. Clean Up

A Man Sweeping in Baja Club Room
Figure 5 - A Man Sweeping in the Baja Workshop.

After we have taken care of the large items like the Buggy and equipment, we focussed on maintain our workplace to injury and damage to the workshop. This was an excellent opportunity to dust off the cobwebs on old parts and plan to sell them for future plans. 

4. Networking

Two Club Members Talking
Figure 6 - Two Club Members Talking.

Communication is one of the greatest factors involved to our successful week. Thus Networking is crucial for the clubs’ chemistry as there will be tough times. The BCIT Baja Club offers a magnitude of opportunities to get to know one another. Our Discord Server and Reddit are the best places for informal, yet informative conversations. 

We also offer:

– LinkedIn,

– Newsletters,

– Instagram, 

– TikTok

5. Putting it All Together

We’ve come so far in such little time. The Buggy is moved to a better spot. The equipment is now in a better space while the junk is being thrown out. We’ve kept a clean and safe working environment and got to know each other bit by bit. 

We were on a time crunch for this day and doing it in shot has been wonders for the crew working on the buggy. 

Thank you so much for your time reading our experience. It means a ton! Stay tuned for more content in the future 😉


  1. È bellissimo leggere e percepire tanto entisiasmo e passione da un gruppo di lavoro di giovani studenti.
    Continuate cosi
    In bocca al lupo

  2. Kamal Panfer

    The shop looks amazing now! Now we’re all set to get a lot of work done in the coming weeks.

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